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Article - Its the end of summer

We’re coming to the end of summer, and now with just weeks left, there is still time to book a weekend (or two) away before the end of the year. The kids are back to school and you’re back to work, but you’ve not been left to recover from striking the balance between looking after the kids and trying to work during their summer holidays.

Now that we’re all back to our normal ritual, you’re already shattered and will want to rejuvenate as soon as possible. There’s no need to wait too long – if you want to find a trip that will allow you to relax and has proven to improve people’s morale, then living in the wilderness could be your solution.


‘Wild Britain’ week on BBC Breakfast
This week on the BBC Breakfast show, it has been enjoying its ‘Wild Britain’ themed week, where they embrace Britain for its beautiful nature and take a look at some of the most secluded communities across the country. Much like us here at Head Outside, the BBC and the public clearly adore the nature we are fortunate to have in Britain. There has been a great amount of input from the BBC Breakfast viewers who have either tuned in or sent in their own experiences and photos from around the UK. But there was one section that we loved most about Wild Britain, and that was the heart warming story of The Wilderness Foundation UK. Their cause is truly amazing, and we give it a huge thumbs up here at Head Outside.


The wilderness can heal – proven by The Wilderness Foundation

On BBC Breakfast, we heard from some of the youngsters who are avid supporters of The Wilderness Foundation UK, and they have backed it to be extremely effective in supporting them through their personal issues. It’s thought that nature can help you through even some of the toughest and darkest times of your life, no matter how deep the heartbreak is. One of the brave members of The Wilderness Foundation, Joe, had lost his mum (who passed away) and his dad had disappeared also, leaving him alone to move from various foster cares. With such a deep pain to deal with, these types of traumas normally take months and years of work and counselling, but with this young man, living in the wilderness has helped him the most.


There is much scientific research that supports the claim that the wilderness, or at least surrounding yourself with nature, can have an extremely beneficial effect on you. This is why it’s sad to learn the fact that although Britain does have beautiful nature across its land, people aren’t utilising it. With a prediction of 25% less people enjoying nature compared to twenty years ago.   


Wilderness camping in the UK

Just from our experience of camping across Britain, we can see the reasons for The Wilderness Foundation’s belief in nature as a healer. There’s nothing else quite like nature on this earth. When you want to be alone, and you want to take your mind off everything, nature is always the answer. As we said previously, if you’re already tired and stressed and it’s only your first week back at work, then camping in the UK is a great option for you, even if it is only a day or two of respite. Removing yourself from your natural setting, away from technology, away from work and away from stress, you and your family can enjoy a fun family camping trip in the UK.


Top 3 Benefits of Camping in the wild
If you’re the type of person who loves a journey into the unknown, then wild camping is for you. Going to a place you’re not entirely aware of is a great start, but even if you want to find a trusted campsite in the UK, then we can help you with that. But as long as you are surrounded by nature and the wild, you can expect the most unique rejuvenating process, which requires no prescribed medication.


Improves your self-esteem
What we’ve noticed from camping is that you are free to think, and with this free time to think with no pressure, you can actually reflect on yourself without any complications. You will be able to build on your confidence and plan for the future, whether that involves moving home, buying a new car or even searching for a new job.


A Reawakening
When we go camping, we see it as a reawakening – fuel for the brain and soul, because you have to use your mind, but without that recurring strain on your senses. Whilst on your camping expedition, you do seem to become more creative; but it’s not a straining creativity, it’s a type of inventiveness that you can enjoy. Not only that, camping is great exercise for you (or at least encourages exercise), and exercise itself has been proven to help a lot of people feel better about themselves, and inject them with more confidence and energy.


Bonding Time

Our final point certainly isn’t the last benefit to camping, but we do feel that camping does create a much stronger bond between people or even with yourself. Camping with your family or friends can have a great effect on your relationship with others. It’s a communal occasion where you all work together. With this togetherness, you can build stronger bonds between everyone. Not only that, if you’re someone who wants time away, then camping can also make you form a bond with yourself. Having time to reflect on yourself will then make you see everything clearly, and therefore change the way you think or live on your return to civilisation.


Buy Camping Equipment Online

When you do decide to go camping, we recommend stocking up adequately for your wilderness camping adventure. With our competitively priced camping accessories online, you can find anything, from tents to cooking equipment. You’ll be able to stock up for your big camping trip, without breaking the bank.


Still undecided where you could go camping?
If you’re still undecided on where you can go camping in the UK, then you’re certainly at the right place. Here at Head Outside, we are an online campsite directory with thousands of campsites on our website – you will be able to search the entire country for the best campsites. We cover campsites in Wales, Scotland, East Anglia, Midlands, South East, South West, Northern Ireland, North East and the North West of England.


Waste no more time, book a UK campsite today.


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