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Article - Why you should arrange a family camping trip with the kids

What exactly is a family holiday? Is it an opportunity to spend time together as a family? or is it the opportunity to go abroad on a mesmerising and costly holiday; allowing you and your partner to relax, whilst your children run wild? We believe that if you truly want to experience a peaceful and invigorating holiday with your family, then camping is the best way. Family camping is a great opportunity for everyone to be together as a family, enjoying each other’s company and most of all having fun, together.


The benefits of camping with your family – including the children

Getting them away from technology
Arranging a family camping trip has many benefits, especially for your children. Kids these days are surrounded by technology, whether it’s the latest smartphone, tablet, games console or social media. Everywhere they look, there is a new piece of technology. For many of us, our childhood didn’t revolve around technology to entertain us; but unfortunately for children today, technology seems to be their main source of entertainment.

There’s no need to admit defeat by allowing your kids to continue in this way. Instead of watching them in front of the TV, on their Xbox or PlayStation, wasting their entire Summer holidays; arrange a family camping adventure. This would prise them away from technology, get them out into fresh air and admire the true nature of our beautiful world.

Allowing the entire family to get away from everything
Most of us have stressful lives, and the one part of life we love most is holidays. Getting away from everything is a lot of the time what people need, especially families. A chance for you and your partner to escape work, and time for your children to take a break from education – the perfect ingredients as to why you should book a holiday.

So, where do you want to go? That’s up to you, many like to go on extravagant holidays to explore the world, but not all of us have the finances to do so. There’s no need to spend big to have a good time together, which is why we recommend booking a family camping trip. There are many campsites available across the UK – you can find them by using our ‘Find a Campsite’ online service.

Set your child on the right path – to adore nature and camping
By booking you family camping adventure, you can help your child not only for the present, but for the future too. If you allow them to experience the raw beauty of nature early into their life, then it will more than likely set them in their ways – they’ll become adjoined with nature, therefore more than likely want to continue with outdoor adventures for the future.


The best way to plan your family camping adventure

Plan with your children
If camping is an activity you and your family have never done together before, then it’s important to fully involve your child in the planning of the camping trip; it’s their holiday too, so they’ll want to know what to expect.

Plan the trip, but build excitement
You need to show them that camping isn't what they may call ‘boring’. The best way to talk about it is to talk about the fulfilling experience of camping in the natural environment, but moreover, talk about the activities and adventures you as a family will go on.

To do this, you need to plan the entire trip with them – talk to them about all the beautiful things they'll see and hear; towering trees, beautiful wild animals, tweeting birds, varying insect, walking in streams, swimming in lakes and ponds, the weather, and all the activities available at your campsite. If you show your passion and excitement for the trip, you'll more than likely build their anticipation too.

What to discuss with them?
When you’re planning your family camping trip with your children, you could speak about the essentials of the trip, but really get them suggesting ideas to you. You could talk about;

  • The activities available nearby
  • The outdoor experiences and journeys you could all go on
  • Explore camping equipment and tents
  • Food arrangements

After discussing these kind of arrangements, you can let your child’s excitement build even more; by going out to shops, buying your camping equipment, bringing it all home and then testing everything out in the garden.

To find some of the best camping equipment on the market, we highly recommend continuing to our website.


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