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As a leading UK campsite finder online, we are committed to improving the opinion of camping and encourage everyone to Head Outside. From your children to your parents, we want to encourage the whole family to get out and spend quality time together and with nature.

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Terms & Conditions


1. Introduction

1.1 Welcome to Head Outside Limited (www.headoutside.co.uk). “Head Outside” which is a trade name for Head Outside Limited with the company registered number, 09371717. Head Outside Limited registered office is located at 72 Puckshott Way, Haslemere, Surrey, GU27 1EH.

1.2 Head Outside Limited acts as a booking agent for campsites and other services provided on this website. Your booking contract is made directly with the campsite/company, with Head Outside Limited acting as a booking agent.

1.3 As a user of this website, including any transactions you make, you are agreeing to comply with Head Outside Limited Terms & Conditions below. In addition to our Terms and Conditions you will find other useful information in our ‘Help’ section.

1.4 Head Outside Limited reserve all right to change, modify, reverse, add or remove any portion of our Terms and Conditions in whole or in part, at any time. Any such changes will take effect when posted (see date at the top) and it is solely your responsibility to ensure that you have read and understood our latest Terms and Conditions on every occasion you use this website.

1.5 Head Outside Limited website is split into 2 sections, product section and campsite booking section. The following policy’s only relate to the product section, Returns PolicyDelivery Policy, Ordering Policy, all bookings terms and conditions are stated below.

1.6 This page, along with our Privacy Policy, Returns Policy and Delivery Policy will tell you all the information that you need to know about us and the legal Terms and Conditions in which we sell any of our products excluding campsites listed on www.headoutside.co.uk.

1.7 References to “we”, “us” or “our” relate to Head Outside Limited. References to “you” or “your” are to you, the user of the Website, including any person who we reasonably believe is acting with your authority or knowledge. References to “campsite provider(s)”, “campsites” and “campsite owner” relate to the owner/provider of the campsites, holiday parks, lodges parks and other accommodation on this website.

2. Copyright & Intellectual property rights.

2.1 All materials, including but not limited to text, photos, video clips, web pages, logos, sounds, layouts, all code used to make Head Outside Limited website, website structure, icons, design and illustrations belong to Head Outside Limited and copying such items is strictly forbidden. You hereby agree not to amend or change any material that is published on this site and will not use any of the material for any use without the prior written approval from Head Outside Limited.

2.2 Head Outside® is a registered trademark of Head Outside Limited and can be found on the Intellectual Property Office website under trademark number UK00003090225. The word or mark “Head Outside” are our trademarks and cannot be used without written approval from Head Outside Limited.

2.3 We do not permit users or campsite providers to target the Head Outside brand directly through keyword purchases that use Head Outsides intellectual property rights.


3. Data Protection

3.1 Head Outside Limited is in full compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and we will never pass or sell and of your information on to any third parties without your prior consent. We will only use your information that you provide to us in compliance with our Privacy Policy.


4. Use of the Website

4.1 Head Outside Limited will in no way be held responsible for:

  • Any losses that were not foreseeable to both parties when the contract was made
  • For business losses
  • For losses that were not caused by any breach on the part of the supplier

4.2 Head Outside Limited do not in any way exclude or limit our liability for:

  • A death or personal injury caused by negligence
  • Fraudulent representation
  • Any breaches of the Sale of Goods Act 1979
  • Defective products under the Consumer Protection Act 1987

4.3 By using this website you agree to use it in a lawful way. You warrant that all information you supply is true, accurate, current and complete and you will safeguard any account information


5. Third Parties Websites

5.1 Head Outside Limited may be linked to other third party websites, including campsite websites and Head Outside Limited will and is not responsible for any materials that is displayed on another website.


6. Age of Consent

6.1 To buy and/or booking using Head Outside Limited website you agree that you are over the age of 18. If we discover that you are not legally entitled to order certain product or book a campsite then we hold the right not to process the order or booking.


7. Photos and Videos

7.1 Any photos or videos that are sent in or uploaded to Head Outside Limited by you might also be published on our social media accounts and website for everybody to see. Any photos or videos that are sent in or uploaded to Head Outside Limited will also become the property of Head Outside Limited and you must only send in photo(s) or video(s) that you have taken or own and you must never under any circumstances send in any other photo(s) or video(s) that are not yours. The email account holder that sent over or uploaded the photo(s) or video(s) will be held fully responsible for any repercussions that come from the photo(s) or video(s). Head Outside Limited has the right to watermark pictures with the Head Outside logo so no other website can use them


8. Disclaimer

8.1 Head Outside Limited provides a website that is not guaranteed to be uninterrupted and error free. Or that this site or the providing servers are free from viruses or bugs or represents the full functionality, accuracy or reliability of the contact of this website.

8.2 We will endeavour to ensure that Head Outside Limited is available 24 hours per day, however, we reserve the right to make Head Outside Limited unavailable at any time or to restrict access to parts or all of Head Outside Limited without prior notice.

8.3 Head Outside Limited will not affect your statutory right in any way


9. Complaints

9.1 If you have cause to believe that your intellectual property or any other rights are being infringed by Head Outside Limited, or if you are dissatisfied with Head Outside Limited or any aspect of our service, in the first instance please contact us.


10. Jurisdiction

10.1 Terms and Conditions of Head Outside Limited are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

10.2 Head Outside Limited reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time without prior notice. 


-----Terms & Conditions for sales of products-----


11. Purchasing & Cancellation

11.1 If you decided to cancel your purchase before or after contract commences you have the right to do so. Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make the process as easy as possible for you. You can find more information and the correct steps to be taken when cancelling an order in our Returns Policy.

11.2 All orders made on Head Outside Limited are subject to acceptance and availability. We reserve the right to refuse your order for any reason. All of our prices of products are correct at the time of entering your information, however, we reserve the right to change our prices without prior notice, although we will always inform you if there is a price change to your order.

11.3 A contract between Head Outside Limited and yourself will commence from the moment your item has been dispatched. You will receive email confirmation of this.


12. Customer Reviews

12.1 You agree to post reviews and contributions in accordance with the following Guidelines. We will not publish a review unless it follows these Guidelines. These Guidelines are not exhaustive and Head Outside Limited reserves the right to vary them from time to time and the Guidelines published at the time of browsing shall be those in effect.

12.2 Reviews and Content Guidelines

  • No unlawful or objectionable content – this means you should not submit reviews that contain words, language or content that is or may be considered unlawful, defamatory, libellous, abusive, racially or sexually offensive or obscene
  • Original – content of user reviews should not infringe the intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights of others that shall include copyright, trademark, privacy or trade secrets
  • Harmful content – Reviews shall not contain viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other computer program that may damage or affect any system or data
  • No spamming or advertising – reviews shall not contain commercial web or e-mail addresses and no promotional or advertising material of any kind including the pricing and availability information and alternative ordering information
  • Reviews should be genuine experiences and content should be relevant and helpful to other users of the website
  • Reviews are to be written and shall be published in English


-----Terms & Conditions for campsite bookings-----


13. Booking Contract & Campsites T&C’s

13.1 Head Outside Limited acts as a booking agent for campsites in respect of all bookings we make on your behalf. By proceeding to book any pitches and/or other services Head Outside Limited offer through the website, you accept that you will be entering into a contract with the campsite/company on their own terms and conditions. If they are provided on our website it is your responsibility to read and fully understand before proceeding to book, we will endeavour (but undertake no liability to do so) to make copies of the campsite provider's terms and conditions available to you. As Head Outside Limited acts only as a booking agent we will have no responsibility for any errors in documentation except where those errors were made by Head Outside limited.

13.2 Where you, or any of the people that you are booking on behalf of, are in breach of any the of these Terms or conditions of any laws or rights of a third party, we reserve the right to cancel your booking without refund or compensation in any way and recover from you any costs incurred as a result of your behaviour.

13.3 You understand that we have not conducted any quality or other checks on the campsite providers and we make no representations about the suitability of the accommodation and/or services offered for sale through the Head Outside’s website for your specific needs or requirements. We always try to go to great lengths to represent campsites accurately and validate the general claims of the campsite providers featured on the Website, we do not guarantee the accuracy of, and disclaim liability for any inaccuracies relating to, the information regarding pitches and services offered for sale through us. All details should be confirmed with the campsite prior to making a booking.

13.4 The campsites provide their services in accordance with their own terms and conditions through Head Outside Limited’s website. Before booking we advise you to check with the campsites directly their own terms and conditions to avoid any problems. Head Outside Limited will not be liable for any problems that occur when booking with a campsite, as stated in section 13.1 Head Outside Limited act as a booking agent and your contract is with the Campsite/company directly. Head Outside Limited and any of our affiliates are not responsible for any refunds from your booking, Head Outside Limited take a deposit from you on booking which is used to secure your pitch which is a non-refundable deposit so before proceeding to pay you must ensure all information is correct and true. Head Outside Limited will not be held liable for any refunds for online bookings, any refunds will be at the discretions of the booked campsite.

13.4 Head Outside Limited takes no responsibility and will not be held liable for any misrepresentations, breaches of contract, breaches of statutory duty or negligence of any of the campsite providers and other suppliers of services who sell their products and services through us. If you have any problems with your booking you must contact the campsite directly as you have agreed to their own Terms and Conditions.

13.5 Nothing in these terms shall operate to exclude or limit the liability of Head Outside Limited for fraudulent misrepresentation or death or personal injury caused by our negligence.

13.6 Head Outside Limited will not be held liable for and breaches of your booking contract.

13.7 If any part of these Terms limiting or excluding liability is held by a court to be unreasonable or inapplicable, the other parts shall continue to apply.


14. Travel arrangements

14.1 Head Outside Limited in no way will select or assemble your travel arrangements for you. You’re booking arrangements are not a package and do not fall within the meaning of The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 nor the Civil Aviation (Air Travel Organisers' Licensing) Regulations 1995.


15. Age of Bookings

15.1 To book a campsite through Head Outside Limited you must be over the age of 18, Head Outside Limited have the right to cancel, change and not refund your booking if we proof that you are under the age of 18.


16. Booking accommodation

16.1 When booking a campsite or any other services through Head Outside Limited you must ensure that you check the dates, the price, the party details, the destination and provider details before booking.

16.2 When booking you will be asked to provide and submit personal information such as your name, email address, contact numbers, billing address, dates of holiday/stay and party names. When you submit this information Head Outside Limited will pass it on to the campsite you are booking with to form a contract between you and the campsite. To find out more about your privacy, please read our privacy policy.


17. Confirmation and Payment

17.1 When you have double checked your booking you will be prompted to submit your card details or use PayPal Express Checkout or Amazon Payments to pay your deposit. You (The card holder) must be authorised to make the booking by all persons named in the booking party and their parent or guardian for all party members who are under the age of 18. By Paying and finalizing your booking you (The Card Holder) accept that all party members understand and agree to Head Outside Limited’s Terms and Conditions. By making the booking you also become responsible for making all payments due under the booking.

17.2 When paying your deposit Head Outside limited will bill your card 10% of the total holiday, i.e. if the Total stay = £400.00 then Head Outside Limited will bill you £40.00. This is and will be clearly marked when paying. The remaining balance will then be owed to the campsite directly following their own payment terms and conditions, we recommend contacting the campsite directly to fully understand their payment conditions.

17.3 Head Outside use a Payment system called Stripe for our online bookings, we may also if available at the time use PayPal and Amazon payments. When paying your 10% deposit Head Outside Limited will not store or pass any of your card details on to the campsite or any third parties.

17.4 Please note that once the deposit has been paid it is genreally non-refundable. Exceptions to this is when you, the booking holder give over 7 days’ notice to the campsite and Head Outside about your cancelation. Head Outside Ltd can use their discretion on whether or not they will refund the customer.

17.5 When you have paid for your deposit and submitted the page, then if all is successful you will land on a confirmation page, from here you can read and print you’re booking contract, you will also receive a booking contract to the email you entered with the same information as the confirmation page. If you do not receive this email within 24 hours then please contact us so we can resend it.


18. Cancellations and amending of bookings

18.1 If you wish to amend or cancel your booking in anyway, this must be with the campsite directly, Head Outside limited will not amend any bookings on your behalf. When you cancel or amend your booking, you may forfeit your deposit and there may be a cancellation charge or amendment fee levied by the accommodation or other service provider. In any event, if you fail to cancel or amend your booking in accordance with the provider's cancellation or amendment policy, you may be charged a cancellation or amendment fee by the accommodation or other service provider. It is your responsibility to be aware of the cancellation policy set by the campsite before you make a booking.

18.2 If you do not turn up to the campsite on your arrival date without warning then you will be considered “a no show” and this will be considered a cancellation.


19. Extras

19.1 When booking extras with the campsite you will be subject to availability and if the accommodation is unable to meet such paid extras, then you will be entailed to a matched refund for the price of the extra you paid for. Head Outside Limited will not be held liable for any extras not being supplied or refunded.


20. Complaints and problems with your accommodation

20.1 If you have a complaint about with your accommodation please inform the accommodation reception staff or management immediately, to enable them to take appropriate action.

20.2 If you have a complaint that you feel Head Outside Limited should know about then please email us at enquiries@headoutside.co.uk.


21. Pre-departure

21.1 Head Outside Limited will not be held liable for any damages or losses that may result from your travel to and from your destinations.

21.2 It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the relevant travel and health documentation before travelling.

21.1 Head Outside Limited shall not be liable for any expense resulting from your missing, incomplete or incorrect documentation


22. Travel Insurance

22.1 Head Outside Limited advises you to take out adequate travel insurance before your holiday. It is your responsibility to check that you have adequate insurance cover. The insurance should cover, among other things, the cost of cancellation by you, personal losses, all medical costs and the costs of assistance, including return to the UK in the event of an accident of illness.


23. Booking Emails

23.1 Head Outside Limited will send you emails about your booking, these emails include the following
1) Booking contract / invoice

2) 10 things to do in the county you are staying in

3) 2 days before your stay you will receive an email with a 14 day weather report for your stay

4) 1 week after your stay you will receive an email asking for a review about the campsite you stayed at


24. Booking Discount code

24.1 Head Outside Limited offers anyone who books through us a 10% discount in our stores, this code is valid for up to 72 Days after the date of the booking.

24.2 Each code is unique and can only be used for one transaction.

24.3 The code cannot be swapped or exchanged for money and has no monetary value.

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