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Ready, Set, GO! 2018 Here we come


What a couple of years it has been – from launching Head Outside just over 2 years ago, to being in a position where we are finally launching our online booking service; we’ve come a long way!


We knew that the camping industry needed to be adapted and brought into the 21st century, and we have made it our mission over the last 2 years to achieve this. We have constantly been updating our website to keep it ahead of the time and offer all our customers the easiest online shopping experience. We are proud to say that our hard work has paid off, and we are now ready to launch our exciting and effortless online booking service.


Bookings | We are about to launch a newly updated, easy-to-use, comprehensive campsite finder, which we have extensively updated since we formed over 2 years ago. We’ve also updated the campsite filters, gifting you over 90 flexible options to utilise for your search.

Alongside our campsite finder, we can launch our new online campsite booking function too. We are in contact with over 600 campsites in the UK, and over the next few weeks, we will be helping these campsites get their online booking system with us setup. When we get enough campsites bookable on Head Outside, you will be the first to know!


Rewards | We currently offer a few, yet fantastic booking rewards. We only take a 10% booking deposit for your holiday, the rest is then owed to the campsite in accordance to their terms and conditions. But by booking a campsite with us, we will give you 10% off our Head Outside store. Not only that, we also offer cashback for your booking deposit when booking with certain campsites throughout the year. We do not take or charge a booking fee, any price you see on Head Outside will be the same price as booking with the campsite directly, but when you book with us you get all these extra goodies!


Compare | We offer you the chance to compare up to 4 campsites side by side. This is something that is unique to us and gives you the chance to narrow down the campsite list to find the site you want to stay at.


Products | For the last 2 years we have been happily selling all types of camping equipment; from tents to sleeping bags, and even pegs. We are continuing to grow our range of camping products and strive to offer you the best products at the lowest prices. As mentioned, when you book any campsite through us, you will receive 10% off any of our products in our store. We are always price checking our stock to make sure we price match or beat the top retailers, so if you do find it cheaper somewhere else, then let us know.


One Stop Camping Shop | We are the first to offer you an all-in-one solution for your camping holiday – from booking a campsite and buying the latest camping equipment, to finding out the latest camping news. We truly offer it all to you.


What do you say? | We love to hear what you say and think about Head Outside. We’re a transparent team who always wants the best for our customers, so we welcome you to say what you love, what you want us to improve on, or want you want to see. We have a team dedicated to updating the website and adding new features; ensuring you have the finest experience on our website. It might sound cliché, but Head Outside is a website for you, not us. We are in the camping industry not to gain a large profit, but to offer you a quality and effortless experience in booking your next camping holiday. For the last 2 years, all profit we have gained through product sales has all gone back into the company to design and develop our services for you.


Double bookings | Unlike other companies, we have no tolerance to double bookings; which is why we have incorporated a 5 step procedure to stop double bookings from occurring.

  1. If you are for any reason double booked and your booking was made with us, we will offer you the full campsite deposit back, and the campsite will offer you a full refund or a new pitch at the same value or more.
  2. We have you covered, we send the campsite a recorded email about your booking as well as a text message telling them about your camping holiday.
  3. Campsite owners have 24/7 access to their account with Head Outside, and can easily see all their bookings through us.
  4. We work closely with all campsites – from small sites to large campsites, we have a team that ensures we are in constant contact with all campsites to make sure they know about your booking. We are always making sure their pitch allocations are correct as well.
  5. We regularly perform checks – we call up campsites after you place your booking to inform them of your arrival.


Campsite owners – we are looking for you!

  1. There is only a low 10% commission charge per booking, this includes the VAT as well. We also offer you cashback so you can reclaim the booking commission that we deduct.
  2. We allow you full control over your campsite bookings from prices to pitches.
  3. Payment is simple – no singing up to Stripe, PayPal etc. We simply take a 10% booking commission upfront, and then the customer owes you the remaining 90% fee, it really is that simple.
  4. We let you take bookings for free. If you prefer, you can add manual booking for free – we don’t charge you anything, and the customer even gets the same offers from us.
  5. Don’t worry about having to change your pitch allocation on Head Outside every time you get a booking, our automatic system will take care of this for you. You can view our helpful video guides for more information.
  6. We let you know how you are getting on by allowing you to see your listings analytics for free. This presents a variety of statistics, including the total amount earned, the amount of VAT you can reclaim, and more.
  7. Forever free – we will always be free to list your campsite on. Our money is made by getting you bookings! Why not sign up today, it’s entirely free and 100% risk free, so there’s nothing to lose.
  8. If you sign up to our online booking service before the end of February 2017, we will give you your first 5 ever booking deposits/commission back from the bookings that are made on Head Outside. On top of that, we will also give you 10% off to use in our store for life!


What are you waiting for? Get started today! 

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