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Article - The New Fiver, Perfect For All Campers

The New Fiver, Perfect For All Campers


With just over 90 days until the new £5 note is released (13th of September 2016) and allowed to circulate across the country, we can begin to look forward to its release; and try to get our hands on one of the brand new notes – to present it to family and friends.


New Five Pound Note


Where can we see the new five pound note?
The new five pound note has already been presented to the public, when it was unveiled at Blenheim Palace on the 2nd of June; but it will be presented at a number of other public events across the UK during the summer. So with the new bank note's release on the 13th of September, the current paper five pound note will stop being produced and circulated in May 2017 and no longer accepted by shops and banks – farewell creased, scabby and grimy looking paper five pound notes.


The benefits of the new banknotes
The new banknotes have many positives and will gradually transform our experience in dealing with banknotes. We’ve all experienced a time when we’ve tried to pull out some money and it tears, or you’ve dropped it into a lake or river beside you; which makes it completely useless or lost forever. With the new polymer banknote, it’s proven to be cleaner, more secure, stronger and longer lasting. With its thin and flexible plastic material, it not only makes it longer lasting, but it also makes it waterproof - which will be extremely useful for outgoing and outdoor activity driven people. It has been predicted that just fewer than 22,000 banknotes were replaced in 2015 due to damage. These damages included torn notes, chewed (many hungry and desperate Brits), washed, contaminated and damaged from flames.


Why are we excited about the new five pound note here at Head Outside?
We’re extremely excited about the arrival of the new five pound note here at Head Outside, simply because it’ll be great to finally have money that we don’t need to worry about when out and about; exploring and camping. When you are camping with either family or friends, we bet there are many occasions where you’ve probably been wishing for waterproof and stronger banknotes – whether a water fight has broken out amongst your camping group, or you’ve decided to go wild swimming, or maybe you’ve just wanted some reassurance for when you’re walking alongside a river. After all, there is always that one joker of the group who decides to push you into the water for fun!


The new way of preparing for future camping trips
When the new five, ten and twenty pound notes are released, us campers will be preparing for our trips by tallying up our polymer banknotes; in preparation for our adventures to avoid tearing, soaking or even burning our money – or at least reducing the chances of those damages.


How to go about avoiding soggy banknotes for now
For now, whilst we’re not blessed with the new waterproof banknotes, we’ll have to do with being careful when carrying money in our pockets. So, to begin, the best advice we can possibly give you is what you already know – stay away from water when you have banknotes in your pockets, and always store in a wallet or purse should there be any torrential rain in the forecast.

In all seriousness, we’ve done many useful blog posts that you can read up on and see our tips on everything from preparing for your camping trip to camping in the winter (and wetness). We’d also recommend checking out our post about camping at festivals as well as taking inspiration from our most recent article The Great British BBQ – we give some useful tips.


Whilst we’re on the subject of all things wet and waterproof…
On our website, you’ll be able to find a great deal of quality waterproof camping items; perfect for battling against all variations of water – rain or practical jokes.

Use our site to find online waterproof camping equipment online – we have waterproof tents, as well as a number of other camping accessories; which are lightweight and perfectly made to assist you and protect your items during your wet expeditions you embark on during your camping trip. It’s best to be safe than sorry, even if summer is on the horizon!


You can shop confidently on our site, simply due to the fact that we stock only the highest quality of camping equipment and accessories within the camping industry, from the best brands.


Continue to our website now to view our quality camping products, and check out our latest blogs and articles for some useful camping tips



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