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Article - The Great British BBQ


The Great British BBQ


Finally we’ve entered May, and even though the weather has been extremely unpredictable, we have had the opportunity to see the sun on a regular basis. Yes it’s been a little chilly, and yes the sun still has the tendency to hide away and attack us with gusts of wind and rain; but we’ve still had a small taster of summer – and you have to admit, it feels good. When there’s sun it can only mean one thing… Summer is around the corner. Dad’s around the world – buy your charcoal, unleash the Barbie and grab your cooking tools, it’s time to host a Great British BBQ.


Barbecuing in the UK isn’t as easy as it would be in Australia

For everyone in the UK, we know all too well that feeling of desiring a BBQ, picking a day and being let down by the weather. But is there any way that we can get around this? No, not really. All we can do is prepare and pray that on a day of our barbecue that the sun comes out to play.


When there’s any droplet of rain, people tend to panic and run inside for cover. However, some of us do not. Some of us are so stubborn that even when there’s a thunderstorm above us, we do not move. We stay outside with our umbrellas, we dig into our meat and salad, and we continue to act as if it it’s a boiling hot summer’s day. 


Prepare for the weather
We’ve all experienced a time when a barbecue is tarnished by the weather. Admittedly it’s not the best feeling, but it really isn’t the end of the world, especially if you prepare adequately for it. The best way to avoid bad weather is by regularly checking the weather forecast prior the event. Although forecasts are not always accurate, you can still get an idea if it’s safe to have a barbecue on a certain day.


As well as checking the weather before your BBQ party, it’s always a good idea to take action and prepare for the likelihood of rain. We’re in a country that is prone to rain, so if we prepare for it, then we can deal with it when it turns up uninvited.


How to deal with rain at a BBQ
There isn’t really an official guide to dealing with unwanted guests at a barbecue party, but we can help you if the unwanted guest goes by the name of rain. The simple answer to deal with rain is to make your barbecue location waterproof or under cover. If you wish to remain outside, then there are options to consider, but who’s to say a barbecue has to be outside at all?


For those who want to remain outside, the key is to create cover. You can do this by laying out garden furniture with quality garden umbrellas to protect you and your guests, or you could even create a tarpaulin cover above the entire garden. You can do this by tying the tarpaulin on the fencing around your garden or even from the house to a fence or pole at the end of the garden – Don’t do your cooking under the tarpaulin though, major fire hazard!


Does a barbecue need to be outside?
Traditionally they are outside, but you can’t beat an inside Barbie either. For those of you who want to take advantage of having the family and friends over, then we highly recommend moving everything indoors – you’ll still be able to cook everything with the assistance of your oven and slow cooker.


Are you a traditional BBQ kind of person? Or are you looking for a new idea?
Many of us are happy with the way we host BBQ events – traditionally at our homes on a beautiful summer’s day. But what if you could do more than just an afternoon or evening? What if you could spend a weekend away with everyone; at a new location, experiencing the outdoors and relishing the company?


Book a camping trip with family and friends

Whether you’re an avid camper or a first timer, you can be sure that if you love the outdoors and you enjoy going on an adventure, then camping is for you. It’s also a great opportunity to get away from everything in normal life, to spend time surrounded by people you love, as well as the beautiful countryside or woodlands you’re set to stay within.


Our idea (drum roll) – a camping barbecue trip

We can’t recommend a camping barbecue trip with the people you love enough. It’s easy to book, easy to prepare for and guarantees a weekend of fun, together. We have everything you need – we can help you to firstly, buy all the camping equipment required, we can find the best campsite locations in the UK and finally, we can provide you with the best camping cooking equipment.


We love Summer Barbecue deals
At this time of year there are always BBQ deals in all varieties of shops, including supermarkets. Here at Head Outside, we have great deals all year round. But because we’re heading towards summer, we can’t help but offer dazzling deals to our customers; for a variety of camping cooking equipment, including barbecues of course.
If you’re searching for BBQ's, tableware, appliances, cooking equipment, picnic serving items, cutlery and cooling bags, then you can find everything on our website.


Head to Head Outside today and pick up some fantastic camping deals and plan your camping barbecue trip.


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