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Article - Prepare for your Autumn and Winter Camping Trips


Are you looking to start your preparations for some camping trips for the Autumn and Winter months? Some people will think you’re absolutely bonkers for even considering the option of sleeping outside in freezing conditions, but ask yourself this – is there a fresher time than being outside late at night or early in the morning? For us campers, it’s a wonderful feeling waking up in the middle of nature; without the surrounding of people or noise. Being able to wake up and descend from the warmth (that’s right, warmth, there are ways) of your tent and be presented with wonderful and undisturbed scenery, it is a truly wonderful experience; unlike anything in this world.

Just because it’s October and everyone is beginning to look ahead to the last remaining months of 2016, you can still make the most of your remaining time this year by finding amazing camping sites across the UK.


Autumn has arrived, but don’t let that stop you from camping!

We are officially into Autumn, and now it will only be a matter of weeks until we begin to see zombies roaming the street for Halloween, the sound of gunshots for Bonfire night and the bells for Christmas. But let’s not get too ahead of ourselves, because even though the temperatures have dramatically declined since we’ve entered October, there is still fun to be had when it comes to camping in the UK. We know that it’s not entirely appealing to be out camping in the freezing temperatures, but there are ways that you can warm yourself up. The key to camping is being organised, and as long as you are sufficiently prepared, you can enjoy your camping trip – no matter what the weather is doing.


Camping in October, November or December?
For us here at Head Outside, we have experienced camping during the chillier months, and although for many people it is torture to camp in the cold, you can still enjoy it; even if you hate the cold. By expertly planning your camping trip, you can make your Autumn or Winter camping experience a comfortable one.


Find a quality tent online
The first thing we would suggest is getting hold of a decent tent; one which is waterproof and the right size for the party of campers as well as your personal belongings. We offer a great selection of tents and tent accessories, so do view our collection of 1-2, 3-4 and 5-6 person tents, family tents and pop up tents; as well as our guy ropes, groundsheets and windbreaks.


Wrap up warm

Although it seems like such an obvious piece of camping advice, people still fail to pack adequately when it comes to camping in cold temperatures. If you do not wear warm clothing and waterproof clothes, you could be left extremely cold, so much so, it could lead to an extremely uncomfortable night of camping. Not only do we mean wrapping up warm in terms of clothing, but also ensuring your tent is insulated to trap the warmth within the tent.


We offer groundsheets, which will help tremendously in terms of ensuring you are not sleeping on the cold ground, and helping to keep your tent waterproof. The key is to not sleep on the bare ground – so as well as groundsheets, you will need a good sleeping bag. We have a little ‘camping hack’ for you in terms of bedding options and keeping warm, and that is by utilising an inflatable bed. But if that’s too much hassle for you, then we also believe that laying down a yoga mat under your sleeping bag is also a great way to create more padding between you and the chilly ground.


Create your own ‘cold camping pyjamas’

No matter how much you insulate your tent, and however high you get your bed or sleeping bag off the ground, you will most likely still be required to wear certain clothes to bed. A onesie will undoubtedly be a popular choice for modern campers, but they're not all that effective or practical in terms of keeping people warm. It’s vital to be comfortable as well as warm whilst camping, especially when it comes to settling down and attempting to sleep. We would recommend good quality pyjamas which are thick or even fleeced on the inside. If worse comes to worse and you do get a bit warm during the night, then you can remove layers – but do be sensible about this, you do not want to be left trying to warm up later in the night.


The tent’s floor is a sneaky enemy

Although the wind is chilly and the night air is freezing, your real enemy is the ground. Many people are caught off guard simply because cold air does come from the ground, and that therefore can make your tent’s atmosphere extremely cold, especially later into the night. Covering the ground is the best way to ensure you effectively insulate your tent, but you can also warm up your tent in many other ways, ranging from a portable gas heater to using yours or your camping buddies’ body temperature.


There’s no need to abandon the idea of camping now that the weather has taken a bit of a turn, because there are ways to keep warm. As long as you are prepared for the chilly temperatures and you’re looking to have fun, you will still enjoy yourself.


For further tips on Camping in the Winter, check out one of our recent articles – here you can find out even more tips about camping in cold temperatures. You can pick up some cool camping tips, find campsites in the UK and buy camping equipment online here at Head Outside. The major benefit with buying camping equipment with us is that you will find all products to be much cheaper than other camping retailers.


Order camping equipment online today by using Head Outside!

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